CShore's Maker Workshops

A Note on Safety

  1. Always keep the Arduino or Pi on cleared, stable surface, or circuit board holder (this avoids accidents due to clutter).
  2. Only power on the Raspberry Pi when it is in it’s case or firmly attached to a stable surface.
  3. Likewise the Arduino (the kits we are using have a safe and stable board to which the Arduino and breadboard are attached).
  4. Avoid touching the traces or header pins as much as possible when powered off (to avoid static electricity damaging components), and never when powered on as this will likely damage the board and could injure you.
  5. Do no leave exposed metal (e.g. unused jumper wires should either be removed, or plugged into an unused breadboard row), dangling wires, etc. (As with three, failure to follow this can result in damage to the board and could injure you, if the wires inadvertently create a short circuit).
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