CShore's Maker Workshops

Just Enough Linux ‘to do stuff’: Part 1

  • We’re using the default Raspbian desktop
  • Hands On: Using the Raspbian desktop
  • Hands On: Launching the Terminal

Filesystem; essentials

  • /home/user (e.g. /home/pi): Where your personal files are stored.
  • /root: Where the superuser’s personal files are stored
  • /bin: Essential binaries for all users
  • /sbin: Essential binaries for admins
  • /usr/bin: Additional binaries for all users
  • /usr/sbin: Additional binaries for admins
  • /etc: Where system-wide configuration is stored (note that some distro default configure is stored in directories under /lib* /usr/lib*).

Browse around using the file manager

  • walk through

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