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What is the Arduino Uno?

  • A microcontroller (cpu with minimal ram and flash) plus support electronics to allow writing software (sketches) to control electronic devices (digital or analog; see Just Enough Electronics slide for details).
  • Does not have enough resources to run most operating systems (including Linux)
  • As a consequence it generally operates a single program (called a sketch) at a time
  • It can interface with a more powerful computer (including the Raspberry Pi) which can control what sketches run and when on the Arduino, and/or receive or send data from or to the Arduino for advanced processing and behaviours.
  • The device comes preloaded with a bootloader that makes it easy to program with sketches
  • The makers of the Arduino provide a number of standard libraries and tools to make using the Arduino easier.
  • OpenSource: the design of the Arduino is fully available so anyone can build their own Arduino, or modify and build a modified version (and share the results)
  • This: (Show & Tell)
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