CShore's Maker Workshops

Introduction to Pi & Arduino: Session 1

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  1. Who We Are And What We'll Be Doing
    1. Introductions
    2. Six Week Plan
    3. Week 1: Sections
  2. About Pi & Arduino
    1. What is the Raspberry Pi?
    2. Extra Info: What Does Raspberry Pi 3 Have?
    3. What Can You Do With The Raspberry Pi?
    4. What is the Arduino Uno?
    5. What Can You Do With The Arduino Uno?
  3. Project Preparation
    1. A Note on Safety
    2. Extra Info: Pi: Setting Up
    3. Pi: Connect Console
    4. Booting the Raspberry Pi
    5. Just Enough Linux: Part 1
    6. Using Pi to Control Arduino
    7. Booting the Arduino Uno
    8. Arduino Blink Sketch
  4. Blinky Lights
    1. LED Circuit
    2. External LED via Arduino
    3. Just Enough Python: Part 1
    4. External LED on RPi with Python
  5. Closing Remarks
    1. References
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